Port de Saint-Tropez
06°38,00E /43°16,00N


Due to the current covid-19 outbreak, the harbour master’s office will be closed until further notice. No movement is allowed in the harbour.

Activities in the port are suspended. The technical area, the petrol station and the Société Nautique are also closed.

In case of emergency, an on-call system is at your disposition.

Technical assistance +33 698 195 857
Docking assistance +33 638 100 228

Protective measures are essential against this virus. You can find all the information and actions to be taken on the government’s website.

The maritime prefecture of the channel and the mediterranean has published a press release on March 17th about the new instructions against the covid 19 outbreak. All nautical activities are prohibited in the Mediterranean Sea until March 31st 2020.

Arrêté du Maire N°501/2020 of March 18th 2020: 

Article 1: In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, bathing and access to all beaches and coastal sites on the territory of the municipality shall be prohibited as from today and until the repeal of this Order.

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