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Attention all those who use the beaches and sea!

Two campaigns have been organised this year targeting recreational sailors and tourists who frequent the coast: at sea (Ecogestes Méditerranée) and on the beaches (Inf’eau mer). They have one goal in common: to change the behaviour of those who frequent the sea and beaches in order to protect the environment.

In total 19 bodies (associations, municipalities, nature organisations, etc) have been mobilised and 70 “ambassadors” trained to go out and make contact with the public in the harbour and on the beaches. Each year, a total representing 400 days of activities will be organised across some 30 coastal municipalities. Saint-Tropez is among the regions involved this year. Please do not hesitate to ask for one of the free bi-lingual advice sheets that Saint-Tropez harbour is making available. To give you an idea here is an extract.

Some tips on respecting the sea

Posidonia is an oasis of life. To avoid digging it up, look out for areas where the water is clear (indicating a sandy bottom) before you drop anchor. Always raise the anchor straight up into the boat.

The Caulerpas (taxifolia and racemosa) are invasive. You should not disperse these species on your anchor or throw any fragments into the water, and should report it if you see any.The Mediterranean Sea is a centre of biodiversity. You should only fish for species that are authorised and of a certain size. Check with the Maritime Affairs authority first. Remember that in the PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) region, it is forbidden to collect sea urchins between 16 April and 31 October.No waste is harmless. Before going to sea, choose products that have minimal packaging, bring any waste back to shore and use recycling points in harbours.If going further, remember that grey water (used in the sink, wash basin or shower, and outside for cleaning the deck) may be harmful to marine life. To avoid this, choose plant-based cleaning products. Black water – from the heads (WC) – can lead to health risks so only use the heads away from the coast and empty collection tanks in port. You can reach us on www.ecogestes.com

Pelagos Charter

A strong commitment to protect our marine environment  On 31 May 2011, the Mayor of Sainte-Maxime, Vincent Morisse, welcomed the municipalities of Saint-Raphaël, Saint-Tropez and La Croix-Valmer to sign the Pelagos Charter with the Maritime Prefect. The four towns are now committed to the protection of marine mammals in the Mediterranean.  The Pelagos Sanctuary (Pelagos meaning “open sea” in Greek) came into being on 21 February 2002 as the result of a common desire and agreement between France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco. The objective is to protect marine mammals (whales, dolphins, sperm whales, etc) from the disturbances caused by human activities in the Corsica-Liguria-Provencal basin, which covers some 87,500 square kilometres. It is about finding a balance between socio-economic development and protection of habitats and species.
In the presence of Yann Tainguy, Vice-Admiral and Maritime Prefect for the Mediterranean, Vincent Morisse commented that it was “natural for Sainte-Maxime to participate in this excellent project given that the idea of a partnership with other local authorities was born here in 2008.” An environmental approach followed by Saint-Tropez, La Croix-Valmer and Saint-Raphaël. “It is our duty to ensure the sustainability and preservation of marine species found here in our Mare Nostrum,” added Jean-Pierre Tuveri, Mayor of Saint-Tropez. For François Gimmig, Mayor of La Croix-Valmer “the magical contact between Man and the Mediterranean must be preserved.” Lastly, Christian Decugis, Deputy Mayor of Saint-Raphaël in charge of environmental issues supported “a strong eco-responsible approach towards the sea.” To address the issues involved, working groups will be set up with representatives from state departments, regional authorities, tourism, fishing and the world of science. They will aim to involve towns on rivers in joint projects based on promoting the sanctuary as a driving force for sustainable development and leisure activities.

Winter berths for yachts over 24 m: waste water disposal form


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