Port de Saint-Tropez
06°38,00E /43°16,00N



General waste

General waste should be disposed of by 21:00 in the containers supplied for this purpose on the quays. Disposing of waste in any other way is strictly forbidden. Contact the Harbour Master’s Office regarding bulky or heavy items.


Saint-Tropez strives constantly to protect the environment. Help us by being an active partner in respecting the water in the harbour. It is strictly forbidden to eject waste water or dump oil. The penalties for doing so are high.

Waste oil

Two tanks for waste oil are located in the careening area and a vehicle is available to transport it if required.

Maintenance area

An enclosed maintenance area on the south side of the Lescudier basin near the sailing club is available for harbour users. It includes a careening area equipped to recover careening waste and a micro-waste collection centre. Contact the Harbour Master’s Office.

Wastewater (gravity / vacuum system)

Wastewater pump-out is a free service.Pump-out hydrants are equipped with a vacuum pump-out system. Any pollution incidents in the harbour will be severely punished.

Micro-Waste Collection Centre

The Micro-Waste Collection Centre has a tank for waste oil, a DMS (hazardous household waste) locker, collection points identified by illustrated signs (see map), a vehicle, etc. Large quantities of waste oil or wastewater can be collected by truck if given enough notice. Contact the Harbour Master’s Office.


Dechets Plan

Dechets Plan


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