Port de Saint-Tropez
06°38,00E /43°16,00N



Weather forecasts

Saint-Tropez harbour is a relay station for Météo France.Daily weather forecasts are available for Saint-Tropez / Cannes and Saint-Tropez / Toulon.Coastal forecasts are broadcast on VHF channel 23 at 07:45am, 1:15pm and 7:45pm local time, and special bulletins if required every hour – H+3 minutes.The MétéoSat (satellite) channel is included in the “TV bundle” on the local network.

Your electric car for rent on the Port of Saint-Tropez

New in the Port of Saint-Tropez ! You can rent an electric Volskwagen Golf in a simple way : download the VOP application and follow the instructions. It’s quick, easy and good for the planet. We care and work for a sustainable mobility.
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Events and ceremonies

Saint-Tropez harbour has two terraces on the Jean Réveille Pier (including La Batterie with 200 places), which are available for hire for special events. Contact the Harbour Master’s Office for prices and reservations.

Interactive services

WIFI: available all over the port. Currently unavailable, due to the renovation works.


Adjustable power points are equipped with 230 and 400 volt sockets which can supply up to 250 amps. A groom service is available for dockside connections. Captains are requested to reduce active power consumption to a minimum before connecting to the harbour’s network.
Wiring a plug
You must tighten the cable seal to have full waterproofing and a cable anchoring.
If these instructions are not carefully followed, the plug and the socket may heat up and set fire to the electricity supply system. Those who don’t follow these instructions are liable for any damage caused to the equipment. Our staff is at your service to help you connect your boat to shore power.

Diving service

Divers are available to help lift anchors and give ground lines when required. Contact the Harbour Master’s Office.

Groom Service

The groom service is available to help with dockside connections, collecting waste water and waste oil, or for any technical problems. They will also answer any questions you may have during your stay.

Petrol station


On the green lighthouse jetty. Tel: +33 (0) 494 960 718 or +33 (0) 785 214 871.
Unleaded petrol, diesel fuel and detaxed diesel fuel available.
Credit card payment available 24h every day.

Opening hours : April – May from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm   and from 2 pm to 7.30 pm
June – July – August from 8 am to 8 pm
September from 8.30 am to 7 pm
October (untill the 22nd) from 9 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 5 pm
from 22nd October to 1st April: Monday and Thursday from 10 am to 12 noon

Fuel delivery

Seven companies are officially appointed for the delivery of regular and detaxed fuel around the harbour, at fixed hours.
You may download the instructions for fuel deliveries within the port of Saint-Tropez (document available in French only).


 +33 (0) 688 625 751

BERGON Monday to Friday

 +33 (0) 494 550 855

BERGON week ends

 +33 (0) 785 214 871


 +33 (0) 611 091 041


 +33 (0) 623 781 001

IBW Monday to Friday only

 +376 358 608


 +33 (0) 688 248 047


 +33 (0) 615 199 618

Maintenance area

An enclosed maintenance area on the south side of the Lescudier basin near the sailing club is available for harbour users. It includes a careening area equipped to recover careening waste and a micro-waste collection centre. Contact the Harbour Master’s Office.

Wastewater (gravity / vacuum system)

Wastewater pump-out is a free service.Pump-out hydrants are equipped with a vacuum pump-out system. Any pollution incidents in the harbour will be severely punished.

Micro-Waste Collection Centre

The Micro-Waste Collection Centre has a tank for waste oil, a DMS (hazardous household waste) locker, collection points identified by illustrated signs (see map), a vehicle, etc. Large quantities of waste oil or wastewater can be collected by truck if given enough notice. Contact the Harbour Master’s Office.


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