Port de Saint-Tropez
06°38,00E /43°16,00N

THE Dragon REGATTA IN Saint-Tropez

date to be confirmed


When the Norwegian Johan Anker imagined and designed the first Dragon in 1929, his initial idea was to create a “combined race and weekend cruise boat”.

This explains the presence of the small 2-berthed cabin tucked under the deck in the early models. It then quickly went on to become a high-performance regatta boat and consequently lost its cabin.

Given the success of the 75th anniversary of the Dragon in 2004, at which there were more than 260 participants included crowned heads, the SNST, and the Association Française de la Série Internationale des Dragon (A F S I D ), it has been decided to renew the experience in October. Today he number of Dragon on the water at Saint-Tropez is limited to 50 for this event.


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