Saturday 12th June,2021 in Saint-Tropez

Introduction by the Hynova team at the Sportmer quay of the first hydrogen-powered boat “Hynova Yacht” in the presence of Nathalie Surget, Deputy Director General of Services, Christopher Leroy, Municipal Councillor for Maritime and Port Affairs, Chloé Zaied, Hynova Yachts, Valérie Oller-Moulet, Municipal Councillor for School Affairs and Tony Oller, Director of the Port of Saint-Tropez

A 40-foot boat that can go up to 25 knots.
The innovative system of Hynova Yachts is an “electro-hydrogen” system. The boat is powered by hydrogen. The hydrogen is fed into the fuel cell which converts it into electricity. The motors, however, are electric. The system also produces water and uses only a small amount of oil, thus reducing oil leakage.

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