On Wednesday June 9th and 16th, the children of the Saint-Tropez day care centre (aged between 6 and 10) had the opportunity during a private tour to discover the port of Saint-Tropez.

Under the initiative of the port, in particular the harbour master Alexandre Ritzenthaler (Nouveau Port), the project was organised with the city council and the day-care centre in order to welcome the children in the best conditions. A fun but also a learning day in the presence of the town’s elected representatives, Mrs Valérie Oller-Moulet, school affairs and Mr Christopher Leroy, maritime and port affairs, as well as the director of the day-care centre, Mr Antoine Foucault, and the deputy director, Mrs Sandrine Eychenne.

The aim of this project was to introduce them with the services of the harbour master’s office and the port, an important economic and cultural platform for the village. The children were able to experience the management of the port aboard  the capitainerie’s boat.

On land, the children were able to play the role of a sailor while learning how to tie knots. Afterwards, they were given a tour of the port structures and equipment used daily by port agents to maintain the port area clean. One of the port’s new equipment in particular, the Jellyfishbot, (see photo) made the children very curious. The robot, in the form of a sea drone collects waste on the surface of the water. This was a fun and educational moment to help us make children aware of the marine environment and the actions that help protect our waters.

The two visits ended with a recreational time during a snack at the Saint-Tropez Lounge Club.