At the beginning of the year, the port of Saint-Tropez launched its annual pollution cleanup campaign led by the maritime works company Mare Nostrum (official provider of the port since 2021). For two consecutive weeks, Mare Nostrum divers scrutinized every corner of the port, collecting a significant amount of marine debris, filling two garbage bins (approximately 7 tons in total). These wastes included a variety of objects such as mooring lines, tires, and metallic debris often brought in by marine currents. However, the types of waste found show the effectiveness of regular port maintenance as well as the impact of new responsible practices by boaters in waste management.

The commitment of the city and the port to the preservation of the marine environment continues. This type of campaign allows for concrete actions to preserve the marine ecosystem. It also reflects the desire to preserve the beauty of the village and its coastline for its residents and numerous visitors. To continue this policy, this type of campaign is planned once a year while hoping for a reduction in the collected waste over the years.

(Photos by Mare Nostrum)