30m motor yacht Ipsum is to be demolished and removed. The shipwreck which has been stranded on the rocks at the entrance to the port of Saint-Tropez since May 2019 following a strong gale.
The structure is in very poor condition and is essentially made of wood, making it impossible to lift the wreck, which is in danger of breaking up.
The wreck was therefore meticulously dismantled on site. Three booms surrounded the ship to avoid any risk of pollution. It should be remembered that at the initiative of the port, all fluids had been pumped out as soon as the ship ran aground in order to prevent any pollution.
The debris will then be removed and treated by a company specialising in the recycling of this type of material.
The cost of the operation, estimated at around €100,000, is being covered by a special fund from the Dreal (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing) following the forfeiture of the yacht’s ownership rights.
The work, supervised by the Préfecture Maritime, is being carried out by the companies Geotrade and ATSM for the underwater work.
Port Director Tony Oller, accompanied by Christopher Leroy, Deputy for Maritime and Port Affairs, and Anaïs Jacquel from the DDTM, are closely monitoring the progress of the dismantling work every day to ensure that it goes smoothly.
Currently, a diver is cutting up the various pieces of the wreck to allow the crane to extract them from the water without danger.
This project is a priority for the municipality, which is committed to restoring the beauty of this much-visited area before the start of the season.