Port de Saint-Tropez
06°38,00E /43°16,00N



Price list

When is the high season and low season?

High season rates: from the 15th April to 1st November.
Low season rates: from 1st November to 15th April.

What are the mooring fees for my boat?
Please click here to check and download our pricelist.
Do you have long term mooring rates?
Yes. One for the summer, from 1st May to 27th September, and one for the winter from 15th October to 15th April. Click here to download our pricelist.
Which services are included in your the mooring fees?
VAT, water and electricity are included in our mooring fees, except for vessels on low season contract taking 380 volts .
What’s the administrative situation of the port?

Saint-Tropez’s a public port. The price list’s decided by the Town Council.



Do I need to pay a deposit to make a booking ?
Yes. Deposit is lost if the boat cancels the booking.


How can I book a berth in Saint-Tropez Port ?
On our  online booking platform, available from the home page of our website.


Is it possible to book a berth for a boat under 18 metres ?

Unfortunately there is no possibility to book in advance for yachts under 18 metres.


Is it possible to choose a particulat berth within the port ?
Unfortunately no, but you may make a note in your booking and we will try to do our best to satisfy your request.


Is the deposit refoundable in case of bad weather ?
The deposit cannot be refounded. However, in case of bad weather or very strong wind, if the port authorities decide to close the port for security reasons, the deposit can be credited on the yacht’s account.


In the harbour

Can we moor at Saint Tropez Port for a few hours during the day ?
Boats wanting to come for a few hours during the day must call the Port Office upon arrival to ask if there’s an berth .   The service is free of charge for the first three hours and if they don’t take any water or electricity. Otherwise, they will be charged half a day according to their size.


How many nights am I allowed to book ?
Because of the important number of requests during July and August, you can only be allowed to book:
-2 nights twice a months (maximum 4 nights).
-2 nights three times a month ( maximum 6 nights) for  VIP card holders.
The rest of the year, there’s no specific limit.


What is the longest yacht the port can welcome ?
The port has 2 positions for 75 meters yachts maximum, on the outer wall (Môle D’Estienne D’Orves). 


Policy and Rules

Can the port be closed ?
Yes, it can be. In case of strong wind or bad weather, Port authorities can  decide to close the port for security reasons.


Is there a rules and regulation code particular to the port ?

Yes, our Rules and Regulation Code is available online and at the Port Office.




How can we drain out the grey and black water tanks ?
A free service is at your disposal to drain the black waters. Please call the Port Office to make an appointment.


Is there a special waste disposal area within the port ?
Yes, it is situated near the dry dock area, on the parking lot. On our website, you may find the map of all the facilities within the port concerning waste removal .



Do you have a diver service in the port ?
Yes there is. Please contact the port office for any diving services. This service will be charged on your final invoice.


Is it possible to rent shore power plugs and adaptors ?
Yes, Marechal Power plugs are available for rent: 16, 32, 63 and 250 A.


Nautical Events

When are the main events occurring in Saint Tropez ?
You will find the list of events and their dates on our website.



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